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Neon Lights–Demi Lovato

Monday, April 28th, 2014

Lovatics were probably super excited when Demi let out her new single that is upbeat and more pop favored than her slow love songs. Neon Lights was Lovato’s song that she released right after her rehab incident, thus the song was a gateway and celebration of her rehab visit. In the video, Lovato sports various neon colored lipsticks and eye make all while dancing with shirtless black men. Something I did not see coming. Where is my Demi from Camp Rock? Ya know, Jonas Brothers? Maybe I was the only one who both cried and re-watched those movies. Lovato is grown now though and she is letting all out in this song and I give her mad props for it. I have always loved the way she sings (yes, her mouth is huge when she does so) and the way she acts so I am happy to see something geared away from the usual Demi. Twerk team, give it up for the best air guitar player from Camp Rock. 


Demi and Beyonce in one day? WOW.