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#SELFIE–The Chainsmokers

Monday, April 28th, 2014


#Selfie has been the biggest new craze in pop music and on the radio. The DJ/songwriter duo came out of nowhere with their song that appears on their newest album that will be released this coming fall. They recently filled in at Ultra Music Fest for DJ Laidback Luke after his wife went into labor during his set. The group does not have any background of publicity and that is why everyone thought the song was such a joke. In the video a very nasally sorority-like college girl is giving all her complaints about Jason how he won’t like her selfie on Instagram, but at the end he does and she contemplates on going home with him. This along with other commentary that fulfills the song with the backbeat of the DJ duo. Twerk team, get down with The Chainsmokers, but first take a selfie!


No other woman loves taking selfies as much as this one!