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Ain’t it Fun–Paramore

Monday, April 28th, 2014

The video follows the band members trying to beat various world records, such as collecting the most feathers in 30 seconds and doing the most cartwheels in 20 seconds while wearing boots. The group managed to set 10 world records in the music video, which is a world record itself. The video has nothing with the song, but it shows the playful sides of the band that was not shown in the orginal video that Jonthan Desbiens directed and shot. The band was not satisfied with the seriousness and the editing behind the eyes of Desbiens (he also directed the video for their song “Daydreaming”), thus the band did their own thing for their chart topper, “Ain’t it Fun”. Paramore was a band back in the day that brought out the inner punk/emo inspired looks from middle school. I thought I was literally too cool for school and would skip with other band kids and eat ice cream at Sonic and sing Paramore lyrics from songs like “Misery Business” or other songs for their self-entitled album that brought them major success as a punk/pop band. Twerk team, bring out those Chuck Taylor’s and those awkwardly sized sweaters of your favorite bands and roll down the windows and jam to some Paramore!


Ain’t it always fun with Kyla?