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Top 10 Blogs that are Super RAD.

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015


-This blog is solely based on the EDM music scene. From festivals, new artists, to rumors on lineups I go to this blog about twice a week and look at the new posts the writers have. They also travel to all the music festivals from Hangout, Waka, Bonnaroo, and Coachella–so, they have plenty of pictures that capture moments from each fest.


-I really like the lay out of this blog and how the creator has the different tabs for different styles of music. Its easy to navigate and search through dozens of artists and they link the blogs posts to the artists webpages for more information on that artists.


-This blog has everything from recent posts, podcats, and vlogs that any online member can access easy. They cover basic music rumors, new artists on the rise, and new albums in the making. Navigating through the website is easy and user-friendly. I love how they categorize the music into different genres and depending on what you are looking for you can watch interviews with music artists.


-NPR is one of my favorite online pod casts they have “tiny desk concerts” that takes places at their music label’s office. Their blog is super easy to use and has most links to different online radio shows and gives the viewer different genres to pick from all in one layout.


-Indie Music Filter partners with “SoundCloud” and gives the reader a visual of the artists in text, video, and sound. With samples from SoundCloud viewers can listen to music that is rare, rich, and hard to find using the typical Google search. This blog is also equipped with shows that underground artists have to offer only to select people.


-This blog focuses directly on underground music festivals. The blog also has easy links to their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. I love the navigation on this webpage because when you search for an artist on the blog it takes the reader to various articles written about them through the blog and other webpages.


– This is a movie blog that focuses on reviews and trailers that not a lot of people have seen. The navigation is easy to use and the search bar on the site is perfect for looking up movies from yesterday and today.


-Okay, we all can spend hours on IMDB, but have you spent hours on their blog? You can search different movie, TV, and other celebrities and see where they first started. I also love that it has links to free TV shows via network sites.


-Unlike other political blogs that just focus on conservative vs. the liberals point of view, this blogs seems to collect information and opinions from all points of view from different types of people. The blog is categorized into subjects–so, even the most uncultured person who does not know anything regarding politics they too can be in the know.


-I always see shared articles from this blog on Facebook and I really enjoy the material offered. I can relate to most of it 100 percent. The blog consists of tips for college students wanting to live life on a dime. I like how it is simple to share their articles on social media and the webpage itself is set up in a way that is easy to read.