Turn Down for What–DJ Snake ft. Lil Jon

Monday, April 28th, 2014

The ever so famous “Drank In My Cup” rapper Lil Jon has done it again with the help of his cray clan DJ Snake and other majestic rappers who have a way with words and alcohol. In the video the viewer experiences what happens when one “turns up”, full of breasts flying up and down, a Chinese man’s genitals moving to the beat to the music, and other normal things that would occur if one go too “turnt” in the club. The video is a collaboration of inappropriate gestures and dancing, the norm for Lil Jon and DJ Snake. My personal experience with the song is that I play it in my car to wake up if I am driving long distances; I usually swerve around the highway on accident because the beat gets me going so hard, just like the characters in the video. Twerk team, use your classy ways to get turnt up, but never turn down. (So philosophic of me, maybe it is this chai latte that is making me turn my ways?)


NEVER turn down, guys.


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