TImber–Pitbull Ft. Kesha

Monday, April 28th, 2014

The ever so sleazy and not at all sexy Ke$ha is out of rehab and took the internet, YouTube, and radio stations by contact with this slutty version of the wild, wild west inspired video for Pitbull’s song “Timber”. Oh did I mention the 305 Latino man himself is rapping throughout the song? You guessed it, you cannot understand a word he says in the song besides some random numbers. The video is set in a old western saloon and incorporates Ke$ha in a scandalous Daisy Duke and cowboy boots outfit that makes her look like she literally just got out of rehab before the filming of the video. The video also incorporates beach scenes of Kesha wading in the water like a nautical animal. Twerk team, the song is overplayed and you are probably done with it as much as I am. #ByeFelica.


It’s goin’ down, y’all!


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