King and Lionheart–Of Monsters and Men

Monday, April 28th, 2014

In this animated video that shows the love being separated between mother and child as both go to different sides of this Gorillaz look-a-like world. They are separated and the child is united with a purple light that shows the child to the “brighter” side of the world. The video is pretty unique in a way that it shows the Gorillaz trend of not showing band members in the video. Of Monsters and Men have been one of my favorite bands this past year and have shown up on charts all around the world with “ Little Talks”. They are a band who only plays at music festivals big and small including Coachella, WakaRusa, Edgefest, and many more. I cannot wait to see what else this band from Iceland produce in the future. Twerk team, another song that you would slosh your beer around to at a music festival or at a small party.


My very own “king and lionheart”


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