I’ll Be–Edwin McCain

Monday, April 28th, 2014

THROWBACK TIME! We have all heard this song around 2002, especially at weddings and people trying to sing at fundraisers. Well, this song came on my favorite Pandora station (Broadway Hits) and I have a new love for it again. Remember the video? Me either. I had to watch it again, and then after about two minutes I was over the face of Edwin McCain looking at me in the eyes. The song has no value on my life at all, but when it started playing you bet I turned into an emotional mess. The song was only the charts for five weeks in 1998, but has made several appearances on shows and movies, such as, the famous online Runescape wedding, “A Cinderella Story”, and my all time favorite show “Dawson’s Creek” (during the first season’s finale #sobbing). Songs like this come and go, but “I’ll Be”  by McCain will never go old at cheesy weddings or those drunken nights at the cheap bar in town that only plays records from the 2000-2003 time frame. Twerk team, grab your whiskey sours and wipe that mascara off and raise your glass to the saddest song of them all!

Love this gem!

Love this gem!


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