Human–Christina Perri

Monday, April 28th, 2014

We all know Christina Perri from the “Twlight” saga and the melodic songs that she put into Edward and Bella’s love life. She is back again and this time staying on the charts as a soulful artist. Her video for “Human” is nothing but beautiful and unique, just like Perri herself. In the video Perri is singing on a pedestal, as if she is being judged and scored on appearance, during the video glimpses of Christina flash with her robotic like figure as if she is a machine, but she pleads differently. “I am only human, I blood when I fall down…I meltdown and fall down.” Christina Perri is nothing but conservative, covered in tattoos and piercings that show her true character of an artist. Close to the end of the video Perri’s tattoos and real character are shown off in an artistic way as she ends the song with “I am only human.” Twerk team, let your true character show, dare to be different. Strive to not be basic.


I am only human with my chai lattes


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