Can’t Remember to Forget You–Shakira ft. Rihanna

Monday, April 28th, 2014

The Latina princess is at again this time with her Barbadian friend Rihanna in a sleazy song about remembering all the times she has had with someone, but keeps letting them go. In the video, viewers will see how well Rihanna and Shakira smoke a cigar in bed…it is mediocre. My favorite part of the video is when Shakira is doing her “Hips Don’t Lie” signature dance against a wall and on the other side of a wall is Rihanna twerking and humping the wall…casually, of course. HA! I laughed pretty hard during that scene. The rest of the video consists of shots of the two questionable lesbians lying in bed acting “sexy”. I usually love Shakira, but her music lately has been nothing disappointing and Rihanna and I are not really okay due to the fact that she has yet to be spotted making out with Drake after said allegations! Twerk team, please forget to remember this song that Shakira do not do well on.


We look like Shakira and Rihanna, right?


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