Best Day of My Life –American Authors

Monday, April 28th, 2014

The music video was released on October 18, 2013 via YouTube. The video was filmed in Brooklyn, New York [cue “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”]. It depicts a man engaging in various activities with a large furry monster such as drinking in a bar [YES], playing basketball, looking at the Brooklyn Bridge, getting matching tattoos, visiting a strip club, and going to a playground. At the end of the video it is revealed that the monster is his imaginary friend and the bartender finds a photo of the two. The video is super strange, but the song is not bad at all. The song is one to listen to on the way to work on a Monday, or a Tuesday, or a Wednesday…well every day of the week, because work sucks. Twerk team, take advantage of the life you live especially if it includes drinking beer with a furry creature from this video. #TotalFratMove


Every day is the best day with one of my brothers!


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