All of Me–John Legend

Monday, April 28th, 2014

Oh John Legend why do you look at least 45 and still swoon me as I drive my car back from a long night with people I will probably forget? Legend’s video for “All of Me” is absolutely beautiful as it catches the essence of real romance along with slow dancing, naked shower scenes, and making love underwater (TALENT). The video to Legend’s piano ballad was shot in Italy one day before his actual wedding and features his fiancée model, Chrissy Teagen. The video even ends with footage from his wedding that was in Italy, as well. John Legend’s hit has been a major swing on the charts all over the world topping number 1 in multiple countries. I am excited to see what else John Legend has to offer, I miss his contemporary love songs that were ever so popular in the early 2000’s. Twerk team, this is not a song to hold your drink to, but one to listen to after the after party. #thestruggle


Me and my music fraternity brothers, we think we can sing like John Legend.


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