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Friday, February 14th, 2014


I was super pumped when I found out Lorde come out with a new single. I was not so thrilled that the video is The Hunger Games in 3:24 minutes. In the video, Lorde is sitting around a jungled room with trees and bushes with several people who look like they are dying and drinking from one gallon of water. As the video progresses, a boy is suited up to play a dirt bike version of jousting with another member of District 3 (kidding). One kid loses and is taken to the room where Lorde is singing this song about being on the same team (of losers I guess). I was dispointed with the video, and I understand that it is hard to follow the number one song in America, “Royals” with a better one from the same artist, but the video is a wreck. Twerk team, if you have not seen Catching Fire watch the video for “Team” by Lorde.