Adore You–Miley Cyrus

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

What better way to get my twerk team up and at ‘em this semester than to begin with Miley Cyrus’ “Adore You” music video? Miley really does hit home with this wannabe sex tape, softporn, and attention seeking video, that shows no emotion or even connection to the lyrics or song. Side note: is that tissue coming out of her bra? Miley received plenty of comments starting with her comeback, “We Can’t Stop” then showed “Smilers” how to get down and wow crowds at karaoke bars with her hit, “Wrecking Ball”. Then “Adore You” comes out, it is the first song on her “Bangerz” album and should of been one of the best videos, because it is vocally and emotionally. A lot of Miley’s fans are losing respect to the performer due to her lack of creativity and knowledge. Personally, I have tickets reserved for her Bangerz tour, but I am having second thoughts after reading posts about her cutting her setlist due to lack of motivation. Miley, I love the song I love the new Miley, but please put some work into your videos to come. Twerk team, if I see any of you laying in bed singing Miley Cyrus anything with a camera I will find you.


My god daughter is someone I adore in a non-Miley Cyrus way!


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