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Happy–Pharrell Williams

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

As heard from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, “Happy” has taken the Billboard charts by storm with staying at the number one spot for two weeks in a row and staying on the Billboard charts for 13 consecutive weeks. The video for Pharrell Williams’ upbeat foot tapper is set in a number of places as the video captures the happiness and awkward dancing of a variety of random people. The video also shows glimpse from the movie that made the song possible, “Despicable Me 2”. Even though the video shows Williams in that damn hat he wore to an award show and has gotten grief from it ever since, the video has a positive vibe and almost always wants me to dance in the library when it comes on my Pandora “Top Hits” station. Twerk team, laugh, dance, and be happy.


Adore You–Miley Cyrus

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

What better way to get my twerk team up and at ‘em this semester than to begin with Miley Cyrus’ “Adore You” music video? Miley really does hit home with this wannabe sex tape, softporn, and attention seeking video, that shows no emotion or even connection to the lyrics or song. Side note: is that tissue coming out of her bra? Miley received plenty of comments starting with her comeback, “We Can’t Stop” then showed “Smilers” how to get down and wow crowds at karaoke bars with her hit, “Wrecking Ball”. Then “Adore You” comes out, it is the first song on her “Bangerz” album and should of been one of the best videos, because it is vocally and emotionally. A lot of Miley’s fans are losing respect to the performer due to her lack of creativity and knowledge. Personally, I have tickets reserved for her Bangerz tour, but I am having second thoughts after reading posts about her cutting her setlist due to lack of motivation. Miley, I love the song I love the new Miley, but please put some work into your videos to come. Twerk team, if I see any of you laying in bed singing Miley Cyrus anything with a camera I will find you.


My god daughter is someone I adore in a non-Miley Cyrus way!


Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014



Bastille has brought America by storm with his new chart topper, “Pompeii”. The English punk-pop band started as a solo project by Dan Smith (the lead singer). Their song “Pompeii” came out over a year ago and now is topping the Billboard top 100 for 5 weeks straight in the top 10 listing. The music video is a bit creepy and uncomfortable, all the people that have been influenced by “Pompeii” now have huge black eyes and the lead singer tries to run away from the power of the leader, but doesn’t make it out without being his eyes being blackened. Bastille is scheduled to perform as a headlining band at this year’s “The Hangout Music Festival” in May and I am getting tickets and I am so excited to see this developed band perform in front of people that know more than their debut single. Twerk team, check out the band and fall in love!

 ***James Florence pictured (my soon to be partner in crime at Hangout Festival 2014!)***

Burn–Ellie Goulding

Friday, January 10th, 2014



Ellie Goulding got much praise after her first hot single, “Lights” that blew up the charts and then this new song “Burn” by Goulding has people asking for more from the English multi-instrumental singer/songwriter. Adding to her fame, pairing up with with DJs like Calvin Harris and BassNectar she has fans from different genres of music looking at her. Her video for Burn is a normal video for any new pop star, a video that includes plenty of hair flips, close ups, and dancing. Bruno Mars also danced with Goulding as she opened up for him on his “The Moonshine Jungle” tour. Ellie Goulding has more than 117,000,000 views on YouTube for her new single, “Burn” and she is topping the charts with both her singles “Burn” and “I Need Your love”. I am looking forward to seeing more from this pop star. Twerk team, let it burn.