What Now–Rihanna

Monday, December 9th, 2013


Rihanna’s new hit single, “What Now” has people guessing what the video and the song is about. In the video there are clips of a cross on fire, chains (not whips), and other strange clips that involve Rihanna having contortions over in the video. The song came out at a perfect and mature time, the end of a year full of violence, rights being violated, and mistrust. The song is a slow dubstep song that is very powerful , especially what Rihanna is wearing, or lack of. In a maxi dress, wearing her hair as a mullet, and gaudy nails that look they are from a different time era shows off that Rihanna is wanting attention to this song and the lyrics. Twerk team, we love Rihanna, but this one is on the fence.


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