Story of My Life–One Direction

Thursday, December 5th, 2013



Twerk team, we all know I am the biggest boy band fan, like ever. From Backstreet, Nsync, Jonas, and more; but I will not be a “Directioner”. I mean of course their first song was catchy and I would do the occasional car jam out to the song, “That’s What Makes You Beautiful”. This song means nothing to me, especially when famous people start to complain how stressful their lives are, you are famous! This song is one of those songs that annoy me. Oh and since we are all complaining here, Harry, get a damn haircut your haircut style does not have to reflect your name. In the video for this annoying song, old pictures cascade the band members pictures and images from current events. “So perfect” is what some Directioners may say, but I say, “So pathetic”. I am begging people to STOP requesting this song on the radio. Twerk team, One Direction is not for us, ‘cause we want it our wayyyyy.


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