Radioactive–Imagine Dragons

Thursday, December 5th, 2013



I am a new found fan of Imagine Dragons ever since their single “It’s Time”, unfortunately I find this song super annoying. It sounds like a song that AWOL Nation would sing on the same album as their same awful song, “Sail”. Regardless, the song is written by my favorite band (currently) and I will continue to listen to it. In the video, stuffed animals are cage fighting! True story. I am assuming the band is trying to simulate like chicken fight due to all the Spanish culture surrounding the room? As the video continues certain stuffed animals can not defeat this purple Muppet looking animal and so they fall to their death. But then, one animal (a pink teddy bear) beats the animal in a match and wins and calls itself the Champion and kills people in the crowd with laser beam. I am not completely sure if the band was under the influence or high, but the video is absolutely ridiculous. Now the song is played before basketball and football games to get players pumped up for a game, only if they knew the video as a pink teddy bear as the inspired champion. Twerk team, the video is just as bad as the song.


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