S Club Party–S Club 7

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

ImageIn the year of 1999 I thought I was coolest guy in the entire Elementary School of Berryville, Arkansas, because I was watching “S Club 7” with my older cousins who actually understood the majority of the lingo and the content of what was going on. My favorite song from the show is still one of my drunken ballads at karaoke night, “S Club Party”. The video is the entire cast in a car race with people from the 1950’s and the S Club members are wearing sports bras and yoga pants. I thought that was normal and acceptable. In the song and dance for the song there are some rather mature moves and words chosen, and example of part of the song, “who-chi mama show your nanas” I had no idea that meant a woman’s breast at the time. I can almost bet I was singing that at Christmas family dinners of social gatherings at the age of 6! No one told me! Twerk team, read the lyrics before you decide to let the world know about them.


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