Carry Out–Timaland ft. Justin Timberlake

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013



Let us just take a throwback in honor of my new found love for Timbaland and of course, Justin Timberlake.  “Carry Out” was the anthem to the night I almost lost my virginity and not because I wanted to. The song makes me do things I would only do in front of my dog and my bathroom mirror. The video is the typical rap video, equipped with cars, girls, and of course black people. Timberlake does a line into the chorus, “if you are dessert, I want a piece”, now that line itself is enough to last me the rest of my life with no man besides the voice and reason of Timberlake. This song takes me back to the summer before my sophomore year when I thought I was “tipsy” off of one cheer beer when in all actuality I was drunk off Justin Timberlake. My life. Twerk team, do not be afraid to venture back to your high school days and the soundtracks that drove your hormones wild and your mouth wild-er.


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