TKO–Justin Timberlake

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013


Can we all just have a moment of silence for the home wrecker who kills Justin Timberlake in his new video of “TKO”? That skank is the biggest mistake that has ever put hands on my man. Never again, betch. I WILL FIND YOU. Timberlake did nothing to you in the video for “TKO” but keep you company when you wear nothing but a awful red hair style from the late 90’s and a smirk that looks like you are having the worst time of your life. Look, you are in JT’s house and you are wearing his clothes and having sex in the kitchen right beside the food that he made you, and you insist on killing him?? How?! Twerk team, this woman that had the last look of JT before he fell to his death, she tied him to her dodge pickup and drove on rough terrain and then jumped out of the truck before it fell off the edge of a mountain. Now, I do not know how my other fellow JT fans feel about this video, but I would like for the girl to be killed instead of JT and instead of the nasty skanky ginger, I would personally like to cast Cameron Diaz. Kay thanks, bye. Twerk team, let us team up and find the ginger. #JTisback


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