Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

This video is the epitome of a good example of weaves. Homegirl goes from bangs to afro in .8 seconds in this pop-lock-drop it video. I have been obsessed with this song for the past week and I did not realize how young Zendaya really was until I watched her video; I now feel very uncomfortable that I was singing this song imagining a 28 year old that just got her big break thanks to her rich dad and her killer thighs. But no, Zendaya got her break from her falsetto high notes that made me groan for more. I love the song. The video consists of her dancing with pix elated characters around her that she is dancing with and shows the electronic beats of the video really well via dance. Twerk team, be on the look out for this girl, but remember she is very young.  




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