Paramore–Still into You

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

You would think after forgetting about the guy that dumped you, one would be hurt and depressed, but not Paramore. They are celebrating that they still have a crush on the one that broke it off. This video is a hot mess, much like music videos punk rock bands of my middle school years used to produce. From fireworks, ballet dancers with weird smiles, to a room full of balloons and 3 band members playing with them. The video is a hot mess. The song is not bad, sounds just like another Paramore hit to me that will hit the radio for awhile then Glee will do a cover of in a few months. I am actually surprised that Paramore is not done making music after most artists get a song on Guitar Hero or Rock Band they give up. But not Paramore they will continue to never grow out of the punk rock phase that just is not cool anymore. Twerk team, you decide.


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