Zedd–Stay the Night ft. Hayley Williams

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

This song though! I can not believe I would fall in love with a song that has dubstep as a central theme, but this track is absolutely beautiful. Zedd started becoming a big hot commodity after his single, “Clarity” took the charts down to his level of awesomeness. This song will do the exact same; with the help of Paramore’s Hayley Williams singing the lyrics. The video starts with Zedd playing a slower yet moving piano solo that introduces the chords of the song to the singer and the listener then the electronic music starts with these two lyrical dancers chasing after each other (as if they are chasing each other’s love). The song continues with the beat dropping multiple times that can really affect the listener and get one moving or fist pumping whatever you desire. I can not wait to dance to this song after a few gin and tonics this weekend. Twerk team, enjoy dubstep, but do not enjoy the lesbian haircut that Hayley Williams has in this video.




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