Katy Perry–Dark Horse

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Even though the music video is not out, this song has brought listeners of all genres by storm. Dark Horse is directed by rapper Juicy J and he is even featured. DISCLOSURE: The song maybe all moans and groans from Perry and Juicy J, the song is amazing somehow. The chorus is obviously directed to her ex John Mayer (I can tell I am basically a celeb), as well as Perry singing about that the song is perfect and it is “…coming at you like a dark horse”. The new single is featured on Perry’s new album, “Prism” which came out a few days ago and is currently holding the top 4 spot on iTunes. Perry has told many sources that she “knows what color and vibe” she wants to give from this album. In all honesty, Perry can you please go  back to writing songs like TGIF or “I Kissed a Girl” not this hip-hop rap booty grind crap. I am over it. I WANT KATY BACK. The one who loved her cat, Kitty Purry and loved all things candy. Twerk team, the song is okay, but do not fall into the trap of the booty grind. Be classy.




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