Reeder-Homework-Interview story

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Love Lost on the Shore of Cabo


In all honesty I met the most open person at a party over the weekend and he sat down beside me and told me about his girlfriend and how lovely she is. He even still loves her after she lost her engagement ring on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico over the summer on a family trip. He described me the entire scenario without me asking and no hesitation whatsoever. Jeremy continued to tell me that her family asked him to go on a trip with him over the summer for their cousin’s wedding. Sounds like her family is one to keep close. After the wedding ceremony all the guests had a great full course meal by the beach and took champagne and balloons to the shore of the ocean and let the balloons in hopes of a successful partnership between the two that were getting married. Well, being the young lovebirds that Jeremy and Alleshia are they walked down the beach and away from the others gathered for the wedding reception and ventured into each other’s eyes and began making love on the beach. I will personally say that Jeremy smelled like he had one too many “Sex on the Beaches” the night I heard the fine piece of a story. Jeremy told me, “that night he made love so hard that even the current of the ocean in Cabo was jealous.” I asked myself the what was the reasoning behind such a theory. He told me that a wave crashed over the couple and they both were soaked in sea salt infested ocean water and dirt and grime from the ocean floor. After picking up all the remains of the outfits that they were wearing the couple journeyed back to the reception and hopes that all would still be there. They were, and all were worried about where the couple had ventured to and what was going on. When the couple got back the bonfire that was full of music, laughter, and booze (my kind of wedding), they started mingling with all the guests of the bride and groom. On this night was the most embarrassing night of Alleshia’s engagement to Jeremy. Alleshia’s mother was talking the majority of the party in a group and she called Alleshia’s name and asked to see her engagement ring that fiance Jeremy had special ordered and personalized just for the bride to be. As the blushing Alleshia walks towards the crowd she puts out her left hand like she was showcasing some huge rock on her hand, but there was nothing to show the guests of the magical night of holy matrimony between a young couple. Jeremy said that she bursted into tears immediately after looking down at her hand that was not being weighed down by a ring. As the family of Alleshia and friends of Jeremy go looking down the beach where the couple was having a fun night in the sunset no one found anything. The entire trip was ruined and Alleshia felt bad and embarrassed for losing her pricy engagement ring. Jeremy expressed that is was no big deal and they would laugh about the occurrence at a later time. Alleshia still tried to find ways to make it up to Jeremy. (As if a trip to Cabo was not enough!) During all the times of worrying and stress Jeremy made a call the store that he placed his personalized order for his future wife to be. They had another band the same size and all the right accessories for the band. The ring waited for the couple on Allehsia’s bed when they finished their exciting yet stressful trip to Mexico. The couple to get married in December in not Mexico, but Florida. Hopefully the current in Florida is not as strong as the one that almost ruined the relationship between the two. In conclusion, after Jeremy finished this story I jotted all the main parts down on my iPhone and he fell asleep on my shoulder drooling and holding tightly onto a beer. What a night. What a story. Who though I, Chris Sparks would go to party and do homework and not make a complete mess of myself. Jeremy-0 Chris-1


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