OneRepublic–Counting Stars

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013



I have been a fan of OneRepublic ever since I saw them in concert and was obsessed with their song, “Apologize”. The band of five has came a long way since their first big single that topped the charts back in the day. The song “Counting Stars” has been out since this summer, but has just now started to take a hold on listeners. The song has only peaked at 21 on the Billboard top 100 and only under 39,000,000 views on YouTube, but the song will continue to rise with time. The video takes place in a gloomy basement where the band members sing under a church service going on above them. As the video continues the church service becomes a dance party as the preacher touches the members of the congregation. Personally, if I got to dance to OneRepublic in church I might change my major to Religious Studies. On a side note, there is an alligator walking around the basement with the band members and I have researched and saw nothing that pertains to the existence of the creature. At the end the church members fall through the floor onto the band and the video is over. The video pretty much sucks, but the song is a power anthem and is currently the song to my alarm clock to get me going in the morning. Twerk team, enjoy the song and go to church.


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