Luke Bryan–That’s My Kind of Night

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013


If you know me, ever heard me talk, or see what I wear on a day to day basis I do NOT come across like a “good ole country boy” like the majority of the male sex in my 2011 graduating class at Berryville High, but oh my goodness can I get down to some Luke Bryan. I have loved this guy ever since he released his song “Drunk On You”; he makes me want to work on my country accent, pop open some Keystone Light and call my friends who did not go to college at my high school and party with them till the break of dawn. His newest single, “That’s My Kind of Night” is party anthem for all types of people including the twerk master, myself. In the video, Bryan does his thing with the get up of the cowboy boots and big truck and classy girls wearing nothing but a smile and Daisy Dukes. The reason why I enjoy Luke Bryan’s songs is because he incorporates different sounds from other genres of music like rock, pop, and of course country. His music does not sound like most country with the whole story line of someone’s dog dying on the front porch so on and so forth. He sings about love and partying and we all know I love a good party especially with someone who can sing. Twerk team, get your cowboy hat on and get in your friend’s truck and crank up some Luke Bryan.


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