Bruno Mars–Gorilla

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013


Even though this song has some racy and juicy lyrics, listeners have been responding positively. Bruno Mars newest video “Gorilla” has taken the YouTube viewers by storm with over 4,000,000 views on his video that was released October 16th! The song was first heard when Mars performed the hot single at the MTV Music Video Awards. The video starts with strippers speaking in Spanish in the dressing room of a strip joint and Bruno Mars is the singer of the band that is performing the setlist a the club. He gives looks to the stripper that would want any female or male to take of their clothes. Especially, to this song that has a vibrant piano background and a upbeat tempo. The video gets even more steamy when Mars hooks up with the dancer and the video director decided to show the steamy sex-filled scene. Mars told sources that, “this was the first song he wrote for the album [Unorthodox Jukebox] and it really set the scene for the entire record and became the mascot.” Many music labels and music critics are relating Bruno Mars new music to sex-inspired hits of Prince. As a fan of Mars and Prince this is a more modern sound that Prince already found back in the day and Bruno Mars is taking is audience back in time through video and sound, therefore they both are similar in texture but completely different in performance. Twerk team, be excited and on the look out for more hit singles from this sex-inspired jazz singer of our time.


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