Lana Del Rey–Summertime Sadness

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

ImageDISCLOSURE: LANA DEL REY DOES NOT WEAR A RED DRESS ONCE IN THIS VIDEO. Is it awful that was my only thought during the entire video? No. Because the song is very moving and personally, I find that the lyric. “…I got my red dress on tonight” is one of the best and most moving musical and lyrical part of the freaking video. Oh, also Lana Del Rey dies 3 times in the video but continues to show lesbian affection throughout the video to some girl who looks exactly like her, I felt like I was watching “The Black Swan” with no ballet incorporated. One more thing, the song is called “Summertime Sadness” and it snows in part of the video, sounds like the continuity director did not get the memo that it does not snow in most parts of the world during SUMMER. On a serious note, this song has held onto numerous spots of the top 15 of the Billboard chart ever since “The Great Gatsby” was debuted, which this song appears and fits perfectly into the film. Radio stations across the U.S have not been using the original that was debuted on the soundtrack, but a remix with Cedric Gervais. The song will almost put you to sleep, maybe that is why a large majority of the Lana Del Rey’s fan base are stoners and ballet dancers who swear up and down that they do not inject, inhale, or take any kind of drug. Hence Black Swan! Twerk team, enjoy the beautiful sounds of his plastic surgery addicted musician and listen to the original.


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