Multimeda–Stranger Assignment

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Sophomore Shannon Roberts has high dreams and goals before graduating with her Clinical  Psychology degree in hopes of continuing her education at a graduate school of choice. Roberts is competing in the Tech Idol competition on campus, and has even made it to the top 12 and has been asked to perform in hopes of winning the competition. Roberts has also been playing guitar since she was nine years old, but did not take on the challenge of practicing everyday until she was 12 and then started writing her own music and chords. After learning how to sing and read music she tried out for her church’s worship team. After playing with a live band her love for music was increased substantially. Roberts started playing on weekends at “The Crossing” a live performance space that doubles as a coffee shop. Shannon states, “I don’t think I’ll ever really go anywhere with it, I’m not really trying to either. I would never want to be famous even if I could. I just love expressing life through music. It’s like feeling a memory or experience, and others can feel it too.” Roberts studies Psychology and she is also very busy with maintaining organization with her co-workers and residents as a Residence Assistant in Wilson dormitory. Roberts is a goal-oriented and self motivated student with a huge heart and residents and a plethora of students can agree.


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