Work B***** Take 2–Spears

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013


I have already gave my spill about the lyrics and music on Britney’s new song Work B*****, but the video came out yesterday and is now the number two on the most views in the past twenty-four hours. It makes perfect since that Spears video would be released the same day the government shuts down and with that comes Spears’ opinion on the governments decision, “you better work, bitch”. In the video Spears has a strange infatuation with her cracking the whip on her dancers and other performers in the video. Not to mention the video looks as if Michael Bay worked with Britney to incorporate all the explosions and fire. The song is very very repetitive in the sense that their is no bridge or a though out chorus. Also, Brit Brit, some of us do work and do not get Lamborghinis or hot bodies as said in your horrid song, bitch. Fix that, thanks. Twerk team, you know how I feel about the song.



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