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Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

This video is the epitome of a good example of weaves. Homegirl goes from bangs to afro in .8 seconds in this pop-lock-drop it video. I have been obsessed with this song for the past week and I did not realize how young Zendaya really was until I watched her video; I now feel very uncomfortable that I was singing this song imagining a 28 year old that just got her big break thanks to her rich dad and her killer thighs. But no, Zendaya got her break from her falsetto high notes that made me groan for more. I love the song. The video consists of her dancing with pix elated characters around her that she is dancing with and shows the electronic beats of the video really well via dance. Twerk team, be on the look out for this girl, but remember she is very young.


Paramore–Still into You

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

You would think after forgetting about the guy that dumped you, one would be hurt and depressed, but not Paramore. They are celebrating that they still have a crush on the one that broke it off. This video is a hot mess, much like music videos punk rock bands of my middle school years used to produce. From fireworks, ballet dancers with weird smiles, to a room full of balloons and 3 band members playing with them. The video is a hot mess. The song is not bad, sounds just like another Paramore hit to me that will hit the radio for awhile then Glee will do a cover of in a few months. I am actually surprised that Paramore is not done making music after most artists get a song on Guitar Hero or Rock Band they give up. But not Paramore they will continue to never grow out of the punk rock phase that just is not cool anymore. Twerk team, you decide.

Zedd–Stay the Night ft. Hayley Williams

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

This song though! I can not believe I would fall in love with a song that has dubstep as a central theme, but this track is absolutely beautiful. Zedd started becoming a big hot commodity after his single, “Clarity” took the charts down to his level of awesomeness. This song will do the exact same; with the help of Paramore’s Hayley Williams singing the lyrics. The video starts with Zedd playing a slower yet moving piano solo that introduces the chords of the song to the singer and the listener then the electronic music starts with these two lyrical dancers chasing after each other (as if they are chasing each other’s love). The song continues with the beat dropping multiple times that can really affect the listener and get one moving or fist pumping whatever you desire. I can not wait to dance to this song after a few gin and tonics this weekend. Twerk team, enjoy dubstep, but do not enjoy the lesbian haircut that Hayley Williams has in this video.

Katy Perry–Dark Horse

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Even though the music video is not out, this song has brought listeners of all genres by storm. Dark Horse is directed by rapper Juicy J and he is even featured. DISCLOSURE: The song maybe all moans and groans from Perry and Juicy J, the song is amazing somehow. The chorus is obviously directed to her ex John Mayer (I can tell I am basically a celeb), as well as Perry singing about that the song is perfect and it is “…coming at you like a dark horse”. The new single is featured on Perry’s new album, “Prism” which came out a few days ago and is currently holding the top 4 spot on iTunes. Perry has told many sources that she “knows what color and vibe” she wants to give from this album. In all honesty, Perry can you please go  back to writing songs like TGIF or “I Kissed a Girl” not this hip-hop rap booty grind crap. I am over it. I WANT KATY BACK. The one who loved her cat, Kitty Purry and loved all things candy. Twerk team, the song is okay, but do not fall into the trap of the booty grind. Be classy.

Reeder-Homework-Interview story

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Love Lost on the Shore of Cabo


In all honesty I met the most open person at a party over the weekend and he sat down beside me and told me about his girlfriend and how lovely she is. He even still loves her after she lost her engagement ring on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico over the summer on a family trip. He described me the entire scenario without me asking and no hesitation whatsoever. Jeremy continued to tell me that her family asked him to go on a trip with him over the summer for their cousin’s wedding. Sounds like her family is one to keep close. After the wedding ceremony all the guests had a great full course meal by the beach and took champagne and balloons to the shore of the ocean and let the balloons in hopes of a successful partnership between the two that were getting married. Well, being the young lovebirds that Jeremy and Alleshia are they walked down the beach and away from the others gathered for the wedding reception and ventured into each other’s eyes and began making love on the beach. I will personally say that Jeremy smelled like he had one too many “Sex on the Beaches” the night I heard the fine piece of a story. Jeremy told me, “that night he made love so hard that even the current of the ocean in Cabo was jealous.” I asked myself the what was the reasoning behind such a theory. He told me that a wave crashed over the couple and they both were soaked in sea salt infested ocean water and dirt and grime from the ocean floor. After picking up all the remains of the outfits that they were wearing the couple journeyed back to the reception and hopes that all would still be there. They were, and all were worried about where the couple had ventured to and what was going on. When the couple got back the bonfire that was full of music, laughter, and booze (my kind of wedding), they started mingling with all the guests of the bride and groom. On this night was the most embarrassing night of Alleshia’s engagement to Jeremy. Alleshia’s mother was talking the majority of the party in a group and she called Alleshia’s name and asked to see her engagement ring that fiance Jeremy had special ordered and personalized just for the bride to be. As the blushing Alleshia walks towards the crowd she puts out her left hand like she was showcasing some huge rock on her hand, but there was nothing to show the guests of the magical night of holy matrimony between a young couple. Jeremy said that she bursted into tears immediately after looking down at her hand that was not being weighed down by a ring. As the family of Alleshia and friends of Jeremy go looking down the beach where the couple was having a fun night in the sunset no one found anything. The entire trip was ruined and Alleshia felt bad and embarrassed for losing her pricy engagement ring. Jeremy expressed that is was no big deal and they would laugh about the occurrence at a later time. Alleshia still tried to find ways to make it up to Jeremy. (As if a trip to Cabo was not enough!) During all the times of worrying and stress Jeremy made a call the store that he placed his personalized order for his future wife to be. They had another band the same size and all the right accessories for the band. The ring waited for the couple on Allehsia’s bed when they finished their exciting yet stressful trip to Mexico. The couple to get married in December in not Mexico, but Florida. Hopefully the current in Florida is not as strong as the one that almost ruined the relationship between the two. In conclusion, after Jeremy finished this story I jotted all the main parts down on my iPhone and he fell asleep on my shoulder drooling and holding tightly onto a beer. What a night. What a story. Who though I, Chris Sparks would go to party and do homework and not make a complete mess of myself. Jeremy-0 Chris-1

Bruno Mars–Gorilla

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013


Even though this song has some racy and juicy lyrics, listeners have been responding positively. Bruno Mars newest video “Gorilla” has taken the YouTube viewers by storm with over 4,000,000 views on his video that was released October 16th! The song was first heard when Mars performed the hot single at the MTV Music Video Awards. The video starts with strippers speaking in Spanish in the dressing room of a strip joint and Bruno Mars is the singer of the band that is performing the setlist a the club. He gives looks to the stripper that would want any female or male to take of their clothes. Especially, to this song that has a vibrant piano background and a upbeat tempo. The video gets even more steamy when Mars hooks up with the dancer and the video director decided to show the steamy sex-filled scene. Mars told sources that, “this was the first song he wrote for the album [Unorthodox Jukebox] and it really set the scene for the entire record and became the mascot.” Many music labels and music critics are relating Bruno Mars new music to sex-inspired hits of Prince. As a fan of Mars and Prince this is a more modern sound that Prince already found back in the day and Bruno Mars is taking is audience back in time through video and sound, therefore they both are similar in texture but completely different in performance. Twerk team, be excited and on the look out for more hit singles from this sex-inspired jazz singer of our time.

OneRepublic–Counting Stars

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013



I have been a fan of OneRepublic ever since I saw them in concert and was obsessed with their song, “Apologize”. The band of five has came a long way since their first big single that topped the charts back in the day. The song “Counting Stars” has been out since this summer, but has just now started to take a hold on listeners. The song has only peaked at 21 on the Billboard top 100 and only under 39,000,000 views on YouTube, but the song will continue to rise with time. The video takes place in a gloomy basement where the band members sing under a church service going on above them. As the video continues the church service becomes a dance party as the preacher touches the members of the congregation. Personally, if I got to dance to OneRepublic in church I might change my major to Religious Studies. On a side note, there is an alligator walking around the basement with the band members and I have researched and saw nothing that pertains to the existence of the creature. At the end the church members fall through the floor onto the band and the video is over. The video pretty much sucks, but the song is a power anthem and is currently the song to my alarm clock to get me going in the morning. Twerk team, enjoy the song and go to church.

Luke Bryan–That’s My Kind of Night

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013


If you know me, ever heard me talk, or see what I wear on a day to day basis I do NOT come across like a “good ole country boy” like the majority of the male sex in my 2011 graduating class at Berryville High, but oh my goodness can I get down to some Luke Bryan. I have loved this guy ever since he released his song “Drunk On You”; he makes me want to work on my country accent, pop open some Keystone Light and call my friends who did not go to college at my high school and party with them till the break of dawn. His newest single, “That’s My Kind of Night” is party anthem for all types of people including the twerk master, myself. In the video, Bryan does his thing with the get up of the cowboy boots and big truck and classy girls wearing nothing but a smile and Daisy Dukes. The reason why I enjoy Luke Bryan’s songs is because he incorporates different sounds from other genres of music like rock, pop, and of course country. His music does not sound like most country with the whole story line of someone’s dog dying on the front porch so on and so forth. He sings about love and partying and we all know I love a good party especially with someone who can sing. Twerk team, get your cowboy hat on and get in your friend’s truck and crank up some Luke Bryan.

Lana Del Rey–Summertime Sadness

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

ImageDISCLOSURE: LANA DEL REY DOES NOT WEAR A RED DRESS ONCE IN THIS VIDEO. Is it awful that was my only thought during the entire video? No. Because the song is very moving and personally, I find that the lyric. “…I got my red dress on tonight” is one of the best and most moving musical and lyrical part of the freaking video. Oh, also Lana Del Rey dies 3 times in the video but continues to show lesbian affection throughout the video to some girl who looks exactly like her, I felt like I was watching “The Black Swan” with no ballet incorporated. One more thing, the song is called “Summertime Sadness” and it snows in part of the video, sounds like the continuity director did not get the memo that it does not snow in most parts of the world during SUMMER. On a serious note, this song has held onto numerous spots of the top 15 of the Billboard chart ever since “The Great Gatsby” was debuted, which this song appears and fits perfectly into the film. Radio stations across the U.S have not been using the original that was debuted on the soundtrack, but a remix with Cedric Gervais. The song will almost put you to sleep, maybe that is why a large majority of the Lana Del Rey’s fan base are stoners and ballet dancers who swear up and down that they do not inject, inhale, or take any kind of drug. Hence Black Swan! Twerk team, enjoy the beautiful sounds of his plastic surgery addicted musician and listen to the original.

7 Canons of Journalism Extra Credit–Reeder

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

The seven canons of journalism are a set of ethical rules that all journalists need to set in their minds as they write, report, and communicate with any part of a community. These set of rules were set so that the profession of the journalism world can be taken protected, and at first were set as a guideline for journalists working at newspaper companies. The canons were founded by the American Society of Newspaper Editors on April 23rd, 1923. Their purpose is to serve as a reminder to journalists as to what their job is all about and keep them from falling into the sensational journalists category, which no journalists wants to fall into. Around the time in which the canons were created, the founding fathers thought of the news world as an unofficial “fourth branch of government”. Radio stations, news stations, and newspaper companies started to stray away quietly from this conspiracy when they found out that the government frowned on the ideas of  violence, sex and other scandalous characteristics which brought more viewers, listeners, and readers. Also this principle was lost when vertical and horizontal integration started to emerge. Vertical integration is when a company owns different parts of the same industry thereby controlling production and distribution. Horizontal integration is when a company owns many different types of media. So how can a journalists report without stepping into an uncomfortable zone, or reporting incorrectly? There are  times like these and situations where journalists in all fields, broadcast, print, and radio when the professionals need to be aware of the canons of journalism and what the proper action is to take.

The first canon of journalism is “Responsibility”. Responsibility is a must in almost every career choice, but is especially important in the field of journalism. Journalists can not always sugarcoat the truth of an industry that is being reported, the American people deserve to know where exactly their hard working dollars are going in a certain industry. Thus, it is the responsibility of journalists to always consider public’s welfare and money first and foremost. Journalists must also consider the news organization’s stability and reputation, therefore it is important to not report anything for selfish gain. Doing this could even jeopardize the numbers of readers, viewers, and listeners, not everyone is interested in one’s particular hobbies or interest, they are interested on what is popular and upcoming in their communities, state, and country. Journalists are the face of the news organization they are working for; yes, there are all the behind the scene people working hard to maintain organization and peace, but the journalists are the ones going out and interviewing and getting information from the public. Thus, it is the responsibility of a journalists to keep in mind journalism’s central focus, reporting truth and accuracy to the American Public. Journalists do not need to let self gain, greed, or money get in the way of a perfect focus of a story. Responsibility is key in journalists day to day reporting life.

The second canon of journalism is “Freedom of the Press”. This rule or canon refers to the first amendment that is written in our constitution. As stated before the founding fathers of our country saw the news field as a vital part of America, and Freedom of the Press was in their minds as one of the first things that should be protected for this career field and they found it should never be waived. If journalists could never express their opinions and ideals in a reporting fashion where would the field of journalism be today? America is special due to this amendment and lets writers and reporters give a personal vibe without being bias. As journalists, we must keep Freedom of the Press in mind when creative juices are not flowing to allow different opinions for the reader, listener, or viewer.

The third canon of journalism is “Independence”. Independence is what sets different news stations apart, different radio shows apart, and newspapers apart. This ethical canon also sets sources, politics, advertisers. Without independence from these all aspects of journalism would be the same. To be free from all obligations when reporting and writing is vital as a journalist. The best spirit of American Journalism is diminished when libel occurs. When a journalist knowingly prints something they know is false and will hurt someones reputation this is libel and it discredits not only that publication but also the entire art of journalism. If journalists give false information it could turn into a huge mess of accusations and wrong doings that could never be proven due to the amount of those who are upset or hurt. This also would put the news organization under radar and could soon lead to discredit and lead people no where to turn for correct information.

The fourth canon of journalism is “Sincerity, Truthfulness, and Accuracy”. These three qualities are to be the foundation of all journalism ideals. Readers, listeners, and viewers have put their faith and trust in journalists and are depending on the most accurate information on the reported event or issue. We as journalists, are also expected to seek out reliable sources and information. People look to newspapers and news outlets to get the facts. To get the truth about what is really going on in the world. Tabloids and gossip magazines are thrown into an entire different category that many do not believe to be “real journalism.” So if other new outlets started to adopt these same qualities where would the American people go to get real factual news? The craft would be lost forever. Being sincere with people and truthful will get one very far in this career field, and can even gain the most out of an interview or person with just being plain respectful.

The fifth canon of journalism is “Impartiality”. Journalists are not to report their own opinion or be bias in any way. Sound practice of this idea makes clear distinction between news reports and expressions of opinion. Although this rule is extremely important to journalism it does not apply to certain articles that are specified to be opinion articles. As long as it is clearly stated that that is what the article in intended to be. These type of articles are like advice columns articles where people are clearly seeking out someone else’s opinion. When journalists start reporting their own opinions and not the actual facts the news starts to lose its credibility. If the news no longer has credibility with the people then where would we turn to as the American public to get the truth?

The sixth canon and maybe the most important ethical rule is “Fair Play”. This canon refers to that opposing views should be solicited on public issues, views, and accusations. This rule of journalism also states that any mistakes or false information should be corrected professionally, promptly, and smoothly, regardless of fact or opinion. According to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, fair play also states that journalists should not report unofficial accusations or charges that could cause the deformation of someone’s character and or reputation, without the accused having a chance to be heard. A true journalist will take this rule to heart and recognize the accused in a special way. A journalist must hear their opinion and should not invade their rights of feelings they may feel with the proper questioning and approval, as well as being sure it is in the best interest and plausible for the public to know. A newspaper should not publish unofficial charges affecting reputation or moral character without opportunity given to the accused to be heard: right practice demands the giving of such opportunity in all cases of serious accusation outside judicial proceedings. With this canon being ignored can really affect the outcome, the profession, and the journalism world of a journalist. The public can come back with accusations and show that the journalist under document was false and did not ever correct themselves.

And last but not least we have decency as our seventh and final canon of Journalism. Newspapers and journalist should avoid deliberate pandering to vicious instincts. This would include such cases as reporting details of crime and violence. If journalist and newspapers wish to obtain a high moral value they must not publish articles containing such information, unless it is for the benefit of the general good. If journalist start to do such things it will degrade their status and will put them in the category of “Yellow Journalism.” Yellow journalism feeds off sensationalism to gain readership. They focus on things that will entertain the public without a care in the world as to how it will affect the people they are reporting about. If this canon is not enforced public disapproval typically backs it up.

In conclusion, the seven canons of the broadcast, print, and radio journalistic world can make or break a journalist’s endeavors and interviewing experiences, whether it be with a person at the scene of a crime, a representative from a company, or just a past recording from a speech given. In the first canon journalists should keep responsibility in mind will out gaining information from people they are interviewing. The responsibility of a journalist should not be just to sugarcoat the information, but to tell the American people what exactly the journalist has learned, they deserve to know the correct and most accurate information. The second canon is, freedom of the press, this canon is the creative branch and law that give journalists all around an interesting way to look at their jobs. Our founding fathers have gave journalist the approval and have granted that news should be a “fourth branch of government”. If journalists cannot express their opinions and ideals the journalism world would be bland and boring with nothing new and interesting to give the public. The third ethical rule of journalism is independence, this gives the journalist voice of reason with no limits and no rules besides the canons given. Independence allows journalists to branch out and be creative and stand out in their company and the rest of the journalism world. The fourth branch of journalism is, sincerity, truthfulness, and accuracy. This canon refers to the moral values journalists should keep in mind while reporting, giving the person that is being interviewed their voice of reason and being respectful during the process even if it is not what the journalist wants to hear. The fifth canon of journalism is, impartiality. This rule is in place for journalists not to become bias or let their opinion show too much while reporting on touchy topics of interest. Although the confusion may arise that the rule is not in effect when reporting on an opinion article is true, but the consciousness of being respectful still needs to be in the back of journalist’s minds and drive. If the news no longer has credibility with the people then where would we turn to as the American public to get the truth? The sixth canon and maybe the most important rule that journalists should keep in mind is fair play. Journalist need be respectful during their endeavors and experiences while reporting, whether it be to the public or other reporters. The last canon of journalism is decency, this rule applies to the rule of “yellow journalism” and this is what journalists do NOT need to feed on. The facts that are surfing through the air from other journalists are not always correct and could lead to false accusations. A journalist can avoid this by, exploring different focuses and drives. If this canon is not enforced public disapproval typically backs it up. As journalist it was important that all of these ethical rules are placed in my mind where I can remember them when the act of reporting calls. Journalists everywhere need to be aware of these rules and they can save them from false accusations and can save a journalist from finding a different career field.