Blurred Lines-Robin Thicke

Monday, September 30th, 2013

It has came across to me I have not done an evaluation on Robin Thicke’s hit song, “Blurred Lines”, which happens to really get me going when I am driving considering it comes on after every other song; welcome to radio. Robin Thicke’s song featuring T.I and Pharrell has become a huge success for the Canadian native and has become such a powerful performer regardless of some 20-year old naive girl with a foam finger that doubled as her penis in the MTV Music Video Awards. The video is safe which is a safe bet for the new artist the video shows three girls dancing in slutty clothing with red lipstick singing and licking the sides of Thicke’s clothing. Also, zero of the three girls are his finance which I find uncomfortable. The video is simple and that is what I like about Thicke. The song is overplayed but continues to make me turn my station dial up a notch, therefore, I really enjoy the song and cannot wait to see what the next move is for the sexy taken singer. Twerk team, you know the song, love it.


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