23-Miley Cyrus

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Miley is at it again with new video, “23” that features Wiz Khalifa , Mike Will Made it,  and Juicy J with their unnecessary moaning and groaning over a schools PA system. In the video Miley plays a character that acts as a student in a high school that plays hooky and takes over the school’s gym with a pep rally that involves Miley dancing and singing. Personally, if I was about to leave school for a pep rally hosted by Cyrus I would stay in my class. Miley tweeted, “Get #23 to a million and imma start #bangerz line countdown” Sources are saying that her album “Bangerz” will hit store late November. E! News interviewed Juicy J who collaborated with Cyrus in 23 and on her album J stated, “I never thought I would collaborate with Miley Cyrus, but I am so glad it happened. It’s like not even real to me! I have to pinch myself. It’s almost like a dream come true ’cause she is super talented. We made a lot of great records together.” This poor rapper was probably paid tons of money by Billy Ray for her baby girl to have a rapper on her album. Did I mention Wiz Khalifa moans through the whole song. Please watch the video and shake your head just like we did while we watched “Wrecking Ball”. Viewers are calling her video “sexy, different, and sleazy” , I call it “nasty and slutty”. Twerk team, Miley is not our friend.





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