Selena Gomez–Slow Down

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

One of the hottest hits and videos of the week on Vevo has been Selena Gomez’s new song “Slow Down”. The new hit single has been blowing up radio stations worldwide and Gomez’s new sound is for a more mature crowd than the one she worked with during her days at Disney Channel. Even though she dropped her new hit this past summer on iTunes. Radio stations didn’t start playing the single August 13th; viewers and listeners have just discovered the new vibe and soul Gomez puts on her new record, “Stars Dance” which was in late August. Gomez’s other debut song for the album was, “When You Are Ready Come And Get It” and listeners loved her after that with her new mature tone and attitude. In the video, Gomez shows off her attitude as she shows that women are the ones who run the relationship and give direction. The video was filmed in Paris, France and shows Gomez having fun and dancing and riding around in a Mercedes  Benz. Gomez is running the show and rocking the charts with her album with help from this pulsating power anthem single. Bieber watch out, Gomez is back and more powerful than ever. Twerk team, love Gomez!



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