Ladies of the 80’s–“Love Shack”–The B-52’s

Monday, September 16th, 2013


The B-52’s is a pop band that consists of Don Was (the only male), Cindy Wilson, and Kate Pierson and brought together by loud clothing, loud screaming, and untold lyrics that are basically sexual.  The song “Love Shack” came out in 1989 and won a video not only for the jukebox money they paid producers, but for Best Group Video. Love Shack was their comeback song following the band’s decline in popularity and desire for more fans across the world. Rolling Stone called them the top band in 1989 after the karaoke favorite hit the charts. Cindy, Katie and Don all became a family, but the name of the band will be a secret of the 80’s to ponder on. In the video, it really shows what the B-52’s are about. Jumping, singing, and insisting on banging on the door harder and harder with each transition of lyric. The B-52’s will forever live on the hearts of those who lived during this time and those who live now and get drunk and think of the Love Shack as a place to get together. Twerk team, bring your jukebox money for a good time at the tin roof…rusted.


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