My Climax Confessions

Thursday, September 5th, 2013



Usher Raymond IV has been flattering girls, mostly African American women with his falsetto induced love lyrics. From “Burn” all the way to today’s new hit “Climax” that has got me hitting a record high on the concert shower scale showcase that my roommates love hearing in the morning. I was never an Usher fan, but I was after watching the video because the Usher and his crew did not use a full length film for a music video. It was a perfect 4 minutes and some odd seconds of pure black-thunder singing. I think this is where the music industry is going wrong in the film field; the viewer wants to hear the song and maybe see some awkward dancing and maybe a very short story line that does not really go with the song. If I wanted to watch a musician act in a “music video” I would watch actors and actress in a movie theater. Usher, please do not get back into the acting field. You were terrible. I will continue to sing this falsetto anthem in the shower, my car, and on the streets while I walk with my twerk team. Cheers to my climax.


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