Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

After Lady Gaga opened the drug influenced VMA’s this year with her new hot single Applause I was fan-girling and had to watch the video! The video starts with the “Mother Monster” everyone knows, wearing nothing but a smile, a dirty weave, bra, and panties throwing her body around on a mattress that looks like was part of Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop” video.  The video continues with jazz-ercised related hand movements and high kicks that clearly show the viewer Lady Gaga has been wear the same panties for over a week. My favorite part of the video is when Gaga portrays a swan or maybe even a ostrich coming out of an egg-like shell. I felt as if the bird rising from a shell look is red carpet ready for Gaga when she performs at the iTunes festival and most definitely appropriate for any small cocktail party. After reading a plethora of comments on Gaga’s video for “Applause” I saw a few viewers referring to the chorus of the song as “applesauce”. I thought that was a better name for the song so I made a rendition of Lady Gaga’s infamous song “Applesauce” below.  Until next time always remember an apple a day keeps Lady Gaga away.


Lady Gaga: VMAs 2013 Performance of ‘Applause’ – WATCH NOW!


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