My Mirror is Always Dirty…

Friday, August 30th, 2013

After Justin Timberlake won his award at the VMA’s for his music video, “Mirrors” I had the sudden urge to re-watch the full 8 minutes and 21 seconds again. One because my obsession with Justin is almost unhealthy, second I secretly think NSYNC will come out at any second in his videos, and lastly because the video is too bad not to make fun of. Justin dedicated his award to his dead grandmother at the VMA’s, but I would like to dedicate his hard work for this video to my awful falsetto rendition performance that I do daily in the shower to “Mirrors”. My roommates truly feel inspired, I can tell. During the entire video Justin does not wear a suit and tie but a large trench pea coat and touches the mirrors around him everytime he sings the words, “…its like you’re my mirror.” So you can see how dirty the mirrors must have gotten.  Personally, I think the mirrors resembles Justin and Cameron Diaz’s relationship back in 2006, easy to clean yet still dirty and leaves streaks. Justin will always be my curly headed lead singer of the best pop boy band ever. Until he makes that transition back into that lifestyle my twerk team will continue to touch mirrors every chance they get.


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